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    Theta Healing

    “The beauty begins the moment u decide be yourself” (c). Coco Chanel
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    Theta-healing is a tool for life changes

    A unique way of influencing a person, combining science with spirituality.

    It is not associated with any religion, compatible with any system of personal beliefs.

    The technology first identifies blocks, wounds and limiting beliefs. And then transforms thought patterns, changing lives!

    Healing through Theta gives instant results, as it affects all levels – bodily (DNA), mental and spiritual.

    It opens up opportunities HERE and NOW to live the life of your dreams:

    If you want to get a Theta session online or offline with me.


    Its author – Vianna Stibal – a naturopath from the United States, in 1995 was able to heal herself of cancer.

    She found that during the healing process, her brain worked on THETA WAVES, just like in deep meditation or hypnosis.

    Based on this, Vianne developed a new method of immersion in the problem of any person, was able to help tens of thousands of people and train instructors around the world.



    Each of us is made up of the beliefs that influence our behavior, the decisions we make, the relationships that we build day after day.

    Some of these beliefs are realized by us, but the strongest and most influential are deep in the subconscious.

    Genetic, cultural, group, personal – any belief can hinder us … or help.

    Theta Healing first uses the DIGGER to reveal beliefs / blocks / injuries and then replaces them.

    Theta-state opens a direct channel for working with the Creator, the Universe, God (depending on your faith). Makes healing total, even if you do not fully believe in it!

    Your request can be ANYTHING! Theta Healing has limitless potential to affect all areas of life!

    The client and the practitioner work together in a common energy-informational field in a theta session. Therefore, the boundaries of physical space and distance do not matter. The Theta Healing session can also take place online.

    I am a CERTIFIED MASTER Theta Healing © ️ and have successfully held sessions in Dubai and online around the world!

    During the practice I became convinced that this is a really effective method that has no analogues! I watch people change after Theta Healing …

    Magical turns of fate, happy healings, new relationships and paths – and many other stories from my personal archive!

    My clients are people from all over the world from Russia, Ukraine, Sovet Union countries, Turkey, Middle East countries, Europe and the USA.


    Each session is unique and different from others. The request is considered on all planes, so almost always in the session we identify many more appearing questions.

    Each stage of work is carried out only with your consent.

    Session duration – 1 hour.