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    The map of wishes or the Board of visualization!

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    The map of wishes or the Board of visualization!

    This is not just the practice of bringing what you want into your life. This is a deep analysis of yourself and your creativity. The opportunity to see your future with a clear unclouded view

    How does it work? According to the main law of the Universe – the law of attraction!

    Our subconscious mind creates our reality. The universe hears everything, and does not leave any of our true wishes unanswered All you need is to formulate it correctly!

    Visual images are best suited for this. They make a base in our subconscious that brings us closer to the picture.✔️

    How to start? Start with yourself!
    The practice helps to discard unnecessary things. And listen to your heart… What exactly do I really want?

    Your pure desires will definitely have a bright emotional response of the soul. The energy that you put in your map is the most important part of it

    Creation technique: 9 equal sectors.
    List of your wishes ➡️ proper images ➡️ placing them in the appropriate parts of the map

    The board is divided into 9 equal parts. Each part is responsible for a specific topic:
    * Center – Health – your photo that charged with positive emotions;
    * Top right – Love and relationships;
    * Middle right – Children and creativity;
    * Lower right – Helpers and travel;
    * Lower Central – Quarry;
    * Lower left – the Knowledge;
    * Middle left – Family;
    * Upper left – Wealth;
    * Upper Central – Glory.

    Don’t forget they all sectors must be filled👆

    When to create a map? The period of the rising moon is the most favorable for setting goals and new starts

    How can I activate my map? Place an image of something insignificant (but desirable) on it, which you can easily realize in the near future. It can be lipstick, a new pair of glasses… It’s a trigger to dream come true!

    And the cherry on the top which makes it work… your sincere faith! 🙏
    It is the most powerful spark that will start the mechanism of transformation in our life! Your energy fills and charges the map of wishes, and faith charges you🙏