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    The beauty begins the moment u decide be yourself” (c). Coco Chanel

    My name is Christina Bati and my mission is to create beauty I am in love with my business because I see that it brings happiness. I believe that a woman's smile and glowing eyes are a huge energy that can run the world!

    Theta healing

    It opens up opportunities HERE and NOW to live the life of your dreams

    A unique way of influencing a person, combining science with spirituality. It is not associated with any religion, compatible with any system of personal beliefs. The technology first identifies blocks, wounds and limiting beliefs. And then transforms thought patterns, changing lives!


    People with big goals and desires can fraternize with a coach. You can learn to play tennis yourself. Or you can invest and come with a coach, right? Now answer the question, which of the people will reach the goal faster and win the competition?

    Coaching is not a waste of money; coaching is an investment. Investing in a new way of thinking, investing in high quality strategies and ideas, breaking free from barriers.