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    “The beauty begins the moment u decide be yourself” (c). Coco Chanel
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    My name is Christina Bati and my mission is to create beauty

    I am in love with my business because I see that it brings happiness. I believe that a woman’s smile and glowing eyes are a huge energy that can run the world!

    Every woman is a beauty. I deeply believe in that! Helping a woman to see her real self is an art. And I’m happy to be a part of it. My experience in creating makeup, hairstyles and individual style allows me to work without restrictions of age, nationality according to any desires.

    Welcome to everyone who came to this page in search of beauty!

    The journey to myself

    I was born and raised in Ukrainian town. As a kid I liked to change the makeup of my dolls using what was at available – paints,markers, pencils. And my mom’s box with cosmetics was a huge temptation

    Interested? You can ask me any questions

    This desire to create beauty just grew with the time. I was my own field for getting experience. I studied non-stop – new techniques, cosmetic innovations, makeup trends and practice, practice, practice… Relatives and friends started to ask my advice, trusted makeup for any celebrations only to me.

    I was looking for inspiration everywhere. It was a time without instagram. Internet era just started. It was a real alive inspiration. At this time I realized that makeup is a real art. How it can compliment a women

    In 2004 i moved to the capital of Ukraine and the road led me into the Mary Kay company. Iin 2007 I went to makeup school and began my work as makeup artist. The career took off in Kiev – photo shoots for tv stars and singers, projects for glossy magazines, fashion shows… working without the respite.

    And then MAGIC appeared in my life – Dubai! The city beckoned and I gave in. It was in 2009. I totally changed my profession for a while. Make-up became a hobby that gave a burst of energy and always a joy.

    Now i know that nobody can cheat fate. My soul asked for art… and I returned to my passion with a different view. Now if I look at a woman I see a whole image, her better self, where makeup is just one of the tools for transformation. Dubai gave me people for team work, new opportunities for studing and resources for business.
    How to like the reflection in the mirror? How to be happy with yourself? It seems that makeup and styling is not about you at all?… You want to be in the trend, get high from yourself, be with the world on the same wave! But no idea where to start…
    The best step is to found your own professional

    How can I be useful for you on the way of transformation:

    And remember that there are no limits for beauty! I work with many women regardless of their nationality, age, skin color, and wishes. No matter where we came from, no matter what date is in the passport! We all want to smile happily to ourselves and be delighted with ourselves