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    HOW to RETURN/FIND love..?

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    The theme of love responds for each heart, This resource doesn’t happen much…

    What if there is no enough love? If it is very small?… How many women around the world believe that they do not have love at all, because there is no man in their life …

    SO, HOW to RETURN/FIND love..?

    The fact is that there is so much of it in the world, that love is literally endless. But people still continue to search for only one side of it. Why do we need these restrictions?

    It’s like building a huge house and making just one small window for light. And then to grieve that the house is so dark…

    It’s like looking for the meaning of an entire book in just one Chapter.

    What will happen if you limit love for yourself only to the love of a man?
    Delayed life syndrome: one day HE will come … and then real life will begin.
    Your mood, emotions, colors of each day depend on a partner. A woman is a victim of her expectations.
    A woman without love – dissatisfied, critical, dry. She sees everything in gray. Fades inside and out

    Love is all around us, all you need is to notice it. And you can do it if you start to show it, Find even a tiny resource inside and show it to yourself. As part of our energy, it only grows and multiplies when it is SHARED. Such reverse mathematics of love

    Whether you are in a relationship or not, the external is still the same as the internal. And let’s be honest… the image is not so important if there is only emptiness inside

    You are the most important person in your LIFE. Put yourself first, everything else will also take its place.

    What can you start with RIGHT NOW?

    Love=accept your body! Cherish it, HEAR it! You won’t have another one
    🌹 Love=accept your past. Mistakes are experiences that made YOU. Thank them sincerely.
    🌹 Love=accept your imperfection, your dark side
    🌹Enjoy the little things, find small happiness in them. Then life will entrust you more)
    🌹 Step out of your comfort zone: new feelings, resources, and emotions are always outside.
    🌹 Turn off the mind sometimes, act from the heart.

    What is your “SELF-love”? How do you feel it? How do you realize it?