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    How much does your makeup tell about your personality?

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    How much does your makeup tell about your personality?

    Every year, the number of surveys devoted to makeup is growing

    It is a part of the life of millions of women! Not more a mask that hides flaws and emphasizes advantages. This is a self-assessment tool, self-marketing!

    What can we know about us from the makeup?

    Have you heard about “the lipstick effect”?
    Researchers from Harvard divided women in their experiment into 3 groups. The first group was asked to put on makeup, the 2nd – to listen some positive music, the 3rd – to paint a picture. After that, the girls received intelligence tests.

    The highest results were in the group that applied makeup! Scientists explain this by the fact that a woman who is used to wear cosmetics usually:
    * feels more confident;
    * relies more on their abilities;
    * makes decisions faster and efficiently.

    Personality type.
    Introverts are more likely to wear makeup than extroverts, researchers say.

    It seems that it should be the opposite, Makeup makes faces more expressive, attracts attention. For people focused on their inner world self- presentation is not so important.

    But the actual finding was different:
    * For introverts, makeup is the line that separates their inner world and the outer one;
    * Extroverts feel freer in the company of others and worry less about the impression. The presence of makeup less effect on their confidence.

    Impression on others.
    People see a woman with makeup as a more competent specialist. Recent research has shown that the more attractive your face looks, the more likely people will see you as a professional.

    It’s not just a man’s view. A face with proper makeup increases social status in the eyes of other women also.

    Leadership and teamwork.

    The heavier makeup is, the less chance to become a leader in the group. A face that is not overloaded with makeup is more trustworthy, especially in a work environment

    The length of the arrows and the lipstick color determines not only by fashion but by the character of the one who wears them, So the psychology of makeup should not be underestimated