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    What will replenish your energy?

    Choose a number from the heart from 1 to 333. This will be a hint for you!

    Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2
    103 Roller skating
    102 Go ice skating
    101 Ride a bike – or an exercise bike
    100 Take a brisk walk for about thirty minutes
    99 Do body gymnastics – or at least just warm up
    98 Feed yourself with love, with something you really love
    97 Go to the Turkish hamam
    96 Pray. From the heart
    95 Do water aerobics
    94 Eat healthy sweets – fruits, dried fruits
    93 Wash your hair! Sometimes we forget such a simple way 🙂
    92 Make an album of your beautiful photos
    91 Drink herbal tea
    90 Get a pedicure
    89 Take a shower – warm or contrast – according to your mood
    88 Get a manicure
    87 Walk alone in your favorite area
    86 Read beautiful poetry
    85 Keep your secret diary
    84 Take pictures – city, people, animals, flowers
    83 Praise yourself, compliment yourself
    82 Go to a dance lesson
    81 Dance at home, with a mop
    80 Do yoga
    79 Go to the pool
    78 Cry if the mood is not very good
    333 Share with someone ways to replenish female energy
    77 Spend a day of laziness – lie in bed all day and do not reproach yourself for it
    332 Sitting with someone’s child just like that
    76 Go to the bathhouse, hamam, sauna
    331 Do a good deed for someone
    75 Cleanse your face
    330 Become a volunteer of a fund
    74 See a beautician
    329 Donate money to the one who needs it now
    73 Make a face massage
    328 Help strangers in between times
    72 Make yourself a honey massage
    327 Give someone unnecessary things to you
    71 Make a body scrub
    326 Feed the birds with seeds
    70 Buy yourself new cosmetics, makeup
    325 Feed the Needy
    69 Make an eye mask
    324 Feed the stray animals
    68 Make a seaweed mask
    323 Take a trip
    67 Get a new hairstyle
    322 Go to a scrapbooking master class
    66 Put on nice shoes at home
    321 Attend a decoupage master class
    65 Styling your hair beautifully
    320 Go to a photography master class
    64 Write on a piece of paper at least 20 of your merits
    319 Attend a sewing master class
    63 Curl curls, make your hair wavy
    318Go to a master class for hairstyles. Or watch youtube video tutorial
    62 Light incense sticks
    317 Attend a master class on visage and make-up
    61 Light the aroma lamp with the oil you like
    316 Organize a meeting of people with same interest
    60 Braid yourself a beautiful braid
    315 Go to a handicraft workshop
    59 Apply makeup even if you are not going anywhere
    314 Attend a culinary master class
    58 Make a hair nourish mask
    313 Go to a good female training
    57 Stretch your body
    312 Go to an interesting seminar, listen a webinar
    55 Only wear pretty clothes that you like and wear 56. Make a facial at home. Put hydra mask
    311 Go to your favorite cafe, enjoy the taste of your favorite dishes
    54 Make a body wrap (honey, chocolate, aloe)
    310 Take a walk along the embankment
    53 See an osteopath
    309 Walk with an excursion group around your hometown – see it by others eyes
    52 Maintain posture
    308 Go on a pilgrimage
    51 Weave fresh flowers into your hair
    307 Go to the zoo
    50 Buy yourself beautiful hairpins and hair ties
    306 Go to a concert of your favorite band
    49 Make lymphatic drainage massage
    305 Go to the ballet
    48 Wear long skirts and dresses
    304 Go to the opera
    47 Take a bubble bath
    303 Go to the aquarium
    46 ​​Go to a real SPA
    302 Go to the Temple
    45 Slow down your gait and the pace of your life
    301 Go to the exhibition
    44 Sleep during the day
    300 Go to the movies
    43 Laugh heartily
    299 Go to the museum
    42 Make a Reiki session
    298 Go to the theater
    41 Make an oil massage
    297 Start to collect smoothing – for example, princesses, or angels
    40 Go to the hairdresser’s (and further options are possible :))
    296 Buy yourself a ticket to warm countries
    39 Wear your favorite perfume
    295 Buy Your Favorite food Products
    38 Get some sleep
    294 Buy sex toy or costume
    37 Make a foot massage
    293 Buy yourself a soft toy – in order to sleep with it
    36 Make a foot bath and peeling
    292 Buy beautiful dishes – plates, pans, forks
    35 Apply a natural mask on your hands
    291 Buy new household utensils – towels, linen
    34 Massage of the whole body
    290 Buy yourself a new beautiful lingerie
    33 Take a bath with aromatic oils
    289 Buy yourself new shoes
    32 Take a bath – salt + soda (1: 1)
    288 Think over and create a family look for everyone – similar clothes for all family members (one tone, one style)
    31 Take a sea salt bath, candles
    287 Buy interesting decorative items for the home
    30 Proper nutrition – review your diet and make adjustments
    286 Buy yourself a new shawl or scarf
    29 Apply the principles of Vastu or Feng Shui to harmonize the space at home
    285 Buy yourself a sari and learn how to put it on
    28 Change places for furniture at home
    284 “Dress” your family – buy a new shirt for your husband or sneakers for your child
    27 Lay out your handicrafts, or handiwork conveniently and beautifully
    283 Buy yourself new accessories – beads, bracelet or earrings
    26 Write a letter of resentment to a person with whom you have a difficult relationship
    282 Buy yourself a new dress
    25 Write a list of what needs to be done soon
    281 Go to the bridal salon and try on wedding dresses
    24 Clean up the space at home – there are many ways to do this
    280 Buy yourself a new little handbag
    23 Do what you have put off for a long time
    279 Buy yourself a new apron
    22 See a doctor – for example, a dentist
    278 Buy important little things for the house
    21 Wash the dishes – especially if there is anger or resentment inside you right now
    277 Do searching and trying but no buying shopping, with fittings in shops, but just looking
    20 Wash windows and mirrors
    276 Walk around a craft store
    19 Think over the design of the apartment
    275 SHOPP in the bookstore
    18 Start home renovations
    274 Putting Love in the Food You Cook
    17 Clean the floors at home
    273 Go to a consultation with a psychologist
    16 Throw away anything that reminds you of your ex-men
    272 Chatting with cows – maybe even trying to milk
    15 Quit your hated job
    271 Start to study psychology and science of relationships
    14 Stop communicating with people after communicating with whom you feel luck of energy
    270 Start to study astrology and the influence of the planets
    13 Refuse an offer you don’t like
    269 Go for a consultation with an astrologer
    12 Delete old phone numbers or “friends” in social networks with whom you are not communicate
    268 Ride a horse – or at least feed it, pet
    11 Spend one day without social media
    267 Go for a consultation with a stylist
    10 Spend one day without a computer (or TV)
    266 Go to dance improvisations – or arrange one right at home
    9 Change bedding set. Get a new one
    265 Allow yourself to be illogical and inconsistent
    8 Spend one day without internet
    264 Attend acting courses
    7 Delete unnecessary files from the computer(phone)
    263 Learn how to tango
    6 Make a revision of home textiles – bed linen, towels
    262 Learn modern dance
    5 Revision of your jewelry box and bijouterie
    261 Try Mandala dance
    4 Do a revision in kitchen among of the dishes – throw away everything with chipped edges, peeled bottom, then, what you don’t like
    260 Take some belly dancing lessons – at least via the Internet
    3 Do a makeup bag revision
    259 Plant a new houseplant
    2 Make a wardrobe revision – throw away everything that you don’t wear, that you don’t like, doesn’t match or inspire
    258 Go to vocal training and find out that everyone can sing
    1 Throw out excess trash, unnecessary things from the house
    257 Learn to play the piano or other musical instrument
    256 Make a jewelry for your self
    255 Blind something out of clay, and then the craft can be painted, baked, and Present to someone
    254 Make a craft out of plasticine – do you still remember how it’s done?
    253 Learn to paint with henna on the body – “mehendi”
    252 Paint over a cup
    251 Beautifully chop vegetables and fruits – try the carving technique
    250 Sing – your favorite songs when the soul sings
    249 Try to make decoupage
    248 Try to make a craft using origami technique
    247 Make a wish map
    246 Weave something using macrame technique
    245 Try “magic” drawing – paint pictures to make your dreams come true – using beautiful paints, glitters, mother of pearl
    244 Try intuitive drawing – with your left hand, letting go of your hands in your free swimming
    243 Paint a picture – in gouache, watercolor, oil
    242 Embroider a beautiful picture with beads
    241 Make a Christmas toy
    240 Sew a skirt or dress
    239 Crochet or knit something
    238 Start a questionnaire for girlfriends – like it used to be at school
    237 Buy colored pens with glitter – and keep them in a diary
    236 Get a nice notebook for notes
    235 Think over your clothing style
    234 Create comfort in the house
    233 Boil soap or massage tiles
    232 See the shows of designers with feminine outfits
    231 Study the history of fashion
    230 Fulfill Your Dream
    229 Write your list of 100 wishes and dreams
    228 Make the rubber band, pony tale with bow – like in childhood
    227 Teach girls some female wisdom
    226 Make a photo session in a wedding dress
    225 Share lectures and books with friends
    224 Write a story or essay
    223 Make a family photo session (when everyone is in the same clothes)
    222 Go to Constellations (or other therapy)
    221 Weave a mandala
    220 Sew a bear or a bunny
    219 Cross-stitch a picture
    218 Sew a Doll
    217 Make your own herbal tea
    216 Go on a camping trip with loved ones
    215 Have a picnic in nature
    214 Consecrate food or pray during preparation and before eating it
    213 Delegate some of your household responsibilities
    212 To mend the clothes of your loved ones – to sew on buttons, to mend holes
    211 Ironing shirts for a loved one
    210 Make beauty to your animal – wash, comb, dress up
    209 Play with your pet
    208 Pet a cat or dog
    207 Decorate the House with Flowers
    206 Arrange a surprise for someone close
    205 Pray for other people
    204 Draw a big picture with loved ones
    203 Try to create a poem with family
    202 Have a dances – with family for no reason
    201 Guess charades with your family
    200 Take care of house plants and flowers
    199 Play board games
    198 Play blind man’s buff – with husband and children
    197 Play your favorite game with loved ones
    196 Play Twister with your family
    195 Play “silent movie” with loved ones – a game where you need to guess the words
    194 Thank loved ones for everything they do for you
    193 Compliment other women
    192 Help someone with all the heart
    191 Hug loved ones
    190 Give someone the fruits of your handicraft
    189 Buy flowers for yourself
    188 Give flowers to mom or mother-in-law
    187 Treat someone with your pies
    186 Take a bath with toy ducks
    185 Play pillow fights
    184 Lay down in bed (with the kids/pets)
    183 Walking with loved ones – walking strengthens relationships
    182 Have a heart-to-heart talk with a loved one
    181 Take care of the health of loved ones – buy them vitamins, for example
    180 Make a bouquet for someone by yourself
    179 Make crafts or drawings with children or by your self
    178 Play some interesting game with your child/friend
    177 Go on vacation with the whole family
    176 Go to visit your parents – or invite them to your place
    175 Communicate with family – by phone or live
    174 Write someone a letter on paper – and send it
    173 Send someone a paper postcard
    172 Give someone a gift for no reason
    171 Invite guests home
    170 Saying “Yes” to your husband, regardless
    169 Go to visit someone
    168 Arrange a meeting of the same interests – for example, a club for young mothers
    167 Get out with friends in the sauna – chat and relax
    166 Recall joyful episodes from childhood with parents
    165 Communication with Spiritual Teachers
    164 Ask someone for help
    163 Arrange a mutual photo session with a friend
    162 Keeping a diary of gratitude
    161 Organize amateur performances. For example, a performance with congratulations on a corporate event or someone’s birthday. You can sing, dance to remake poems or songs, to make a wall newspaper to make a wall newspaper … And actually, there is no need for a reason for this
    160 Bake pancakes for loved ones
    159 Plan an event. For example, an upcoming birthday. Or vacation. Or a day off
    158 Have a bachelorette party
    157 Meet a friend
    156 Call and chat on the phone with friends
    155 Being chaste – in clothes and relationships
    154 Stop being clever and arguing about everything
    153 Lie on the grass
    152 Look at the Starry Sky
    151 Buy the book “Fascinating Womanhood” by Helen Andelin and read it
    150 Draw your family tree. Learn more about your ancestors. When you see the roots, it is easier to work with the branches of the tree
    149 Start to study the history of ancient civilizations
    148 Sitting by the fire – bonfire, fireplace, stove, candle – the shape is not so important
    147 Meditate
    146 Start learning a new foreign language
    145 Go to church for service
    144 Sing sacred music – mantras, prayers
    143 Listen to sacred music. Manras
    142 Make a collage of your desires. Wish map
    141 Swim in a river, sea or lake or pool
    140 Make a beautiful photo session for yourself
    139 Walk under the Moon
    138 See the sun at sunset
    137 Meet the sunrise on the street – see it with your own eyes
    136 Put on the most beautiful underwear, just like that
    135 Go to bed early
    134 Listen to the lectures of people with great wisdom. F.e. Sadhguru
    133 Dream about what do you want in five years in your life – and writing it down
    132 Bury yourself in the sand and lie like this for a while
    131 Bake a delicious cake or pie
    130 Be alone, in silence, at least ten minutes
    129 Try on all your outfits
    128 Light candles at home in the evening, just like that, for no reason
    127 Listen to lectures on female nature, relationships
    126 Reread your favorite book
    125 Prepare your favorite meal
    124 Prepare pies according to grandma’s or mom’s recipe
    123 Read a good book
    122 Put on the most beautiful dress – for no reason, just like that
    121 “Mimic” self-massage – curl up in front of the mirror
    120 Comb your hair with love
    119 Go to the cinema for a melodrama
    118 Watch your favorite movie again
    117 Watch a good movie about love
    116 Put on rhythmic music – and jump to it
    115 Lay a beautiful table with the most beautiful dishes – for no reason
    114 Listen to beautiful music
    113 Get Up Before Sunrise
    112 Cook something new
    111 Hug several trees in the forest
    110 Take a walk in the forest or at least in the park
    109 Walk along the banks of a river or sea – depending on which water you have available
    108 Try new makeup, hairstyle – reincarnate
    107 Spin the hula hoop
    106 Hug yourself tightly
    105 Do Jump rope
    104 Start Blogging on the Internet

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    If you're here, IT'S NOT BY CHANCE!...
    just know it

    I am Christina, originally from Ukraine. I have been living in Dubai for many years.

    My axiom is the absolute BEAUTY of EVERY woman.️ This is an idea of nature, the meaning and essence of the feminine.

    My mission is to reveal the wonder of this beauty! Outside and inside I want that women’s eyes light up! And this light becomes a spark for the true value of yourself

    Feeling and KNOWING yourself BEAUTIFUL-this is how happiness, energy and power look like. They change the world. And this energy is available to everyone...

    Welcome to my world!

    From external transformation to INTERNAL one. After all, everything that we have outside is only a reflection of our real inner energy and resource.

    Studying the laws of the Universe, relationships with myself and the world, female and male psychology opened me my real PURPOSE.

    Every knowledge I experienced by myself. And I found 100% my own tool for startup mind changes.

    I am a certified Theta Healing master and I know what this instrument is capable of! This technique helps me, my family and my clients every day - to see the real meaning of events around, - to find deep-rooted beliefs, destructive, disturbing settings, fears - to change them through love of Creator for your benefits

    💫 Another tool of mine - AUSTERITY of "16 Mondays". Strong practice to spend Mondays - these lunar, women's days - Without food drinking ONLY WATER! For the supreme goal of yourself, your loved ones, and the Universe. I lead a supportive online group for women who’ve also started to move on this path. We are few thousands, share the wonders of the power of intention. Ask me more questions if you are interested.

    @ gratefulhand_uae - my project for designer protective masks. All the money from their sale goes to support girls who have experienced breast cancer.

    Also I am a volunteer for the Orthodox Church in the Emirate of Sharjah, UAE (Church of St. Philip the Apostle) organizing charity deeds. We help those who in need on the territory of the Emirates and our compatriots in difficult situations.

    ... I don't believe in randomness for a long time, our soul makes a choice every second of life. Whether we realize it or not.

    YOU Are here and now for a REASON, too. So YOU and I are destined to meet, even only online...

    … then you are in the RIGHT PLACE!
    Since 2005 I have been working in the beauty field as a make-up artist and image maker. I maintain a professional blog, organize photo shoots, advertising shootings. I also arrange live training classes and make-up courses in Dubai and online.

    Therefore, I want as many girls as possible to master the art of makeup. To do this, I create online courses and regularly organize offline training.
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    Kрасота начинается в тот момент, когда вы решаете быть собой

    Коко Шанель


    Женщина, признающая свою женственность, - это женщина, знающая свою силу ».

    -Келли МакНелис


    Ничто не делает женщину красивее, чем вера в то, что она красива».

    Софи Лорен


    Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

    Coco Chanel


    Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful

    Sophia Loren


    A woman who embraces her femininity is a woman who knows her power

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    At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissi mos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium



    At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissi mos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium



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